May 1944.

The Normandy coastal village of Caillons is under German occupation, its villagers struggling to survive. With her husband forced into compulsory service for the German Reich, Jeanne Dupré, mother of two adolescent daughters, risks everything to lead the local French Resistance cell.

Life becomes even more dangerous with the arrival of British agent Daniel Benedict. He needs Jeanne’s help to complete his mission, vital to Operation Overlord, the D-Day landings. But Jeanne is suspicious that Benedict and she are not fighting for the same outcome.

Their joint foe is Jürgen Graf, Nazi oberleutnant set on wiping out the local Resistance. Aware that a spy is at large, Graf is on a ruthless mission to hunt Benedict down.

With the help of a network of Catholic priests, Benedict penetrates the heart of the Nazis’ defences against Allied invasion, the Atlantic Wall.

As the lives of Jeanne and Benedict become increasingly intertwined, can they stay true to themselves? Will they have to sacrifice all in their fight for freedom?

Villa Normandie is a moving historical novel, presenting an accurate picture of life under Nazi occupation. It is thoroughly detailed, meticulously researched and vividly authentic, depicting the turbulent world of the French Resistance and the struggle of the French people for freedom.

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