France, 1941.

The choice: One killer? Or ten innocents?

The small town of Dinon is under German occupation. Max Duval, its mayor, appears to have accepted the German presence and encourages his citizens to do the same. He owns the Hôtel Picardie, whose most important resident is Major Egon Wolff, German commandant.

A Resistance team kills two German troopers, and the uneasy calm of Dinon is shattered. One of the assassins, the headstrong and beautiful Sophie Carrière, takes refuge in the Hôtel Picardie. Despite his disapproval of the assassinations, Max keeps her safe. Sophie accuses Max of collaborating with the Germans, but Max is no collaborator – he has his own secret methods of resistance, which Sophie has now jeopardised.

Danger escalates when Sophie discovers the truth about Max’s resistance work, and she and Max are drawn to one another. Egon Wolff decrees that ten citizens will be executed unless the missing assassin is surrendered. Max faces a terrible choice: sacrifice Sophie and betray the cause of freedom for which they are both working – or let innocent citizens go to their deaths.

Landscape of Shadows portrays life in small-town France under Nazi occupation and the tensions between the Resistance and ordinary citizens just trying to get by. It is a story of courage and love, of sacrifice, of the struggle to survive, and of the fight of the French people for freedom.

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