1941, France.

The Battle of Britain is over, but the German occupation of France continues. Young Spitfire pilot Charlie Quinn knows only too well that every sortie could be his last. Yet the irresistible urge to do everything he can to keep his fellow pilots, his family and England safe drives him on.

His worst fear is realised when he is shot down over France.

He manages to steer his stricken aircraft to a crash-landing inside German-held territory near Étaples – a town, it turns out, synonymous with a terrible secret for his family.

Badly wounded, Charlie survives – but the dogfight and crash trigger a mixed reaction among the French villagers who witness them. Can they help the English pilot? And more importantly, should they? What price will they pay if their German masters discover they are aiding or harbouring the enemy?

But an enigmatic stranger comes to Charlie’s aid – a mysterious Englishman. Who is he? What is he doing in occupied France? Why is he helping Charlie?

With the Germans closing in, can Charlie remain hidden and find his way back to England in order to fight another day?

Charlie’s War presents a realistic and accurate picture of Nazi-occupied France and the dangerous world of the French Resistance, while also providing a cockpit-seat glimpse of war in the skies over Europe. But it is also a story about love – in particular, love that can transcend death. 

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